Supply Chain of Global Cross-Border E-commerce

Sell Product to China

Export Products to China

Exporting to China online, you can make money from China business.

E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

Develop your e-commerce platform, Launch online shopping in your country.

Brands of World

Brands of World

Let China know the world's brands, Develop branding agency in China, entry China market to doing business in China.

Brands of China

Brands of China

Cheap products in china wholesale markets Guangzhou and Yiwu, Let you become the sole agent in your country.

Happening & Ability


Support 15 languages in the world.


Covering 180 countries and regions, the main markets are USA, Western Europe, CIS, Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia.


Acting Brand Breakthrough 50000+


1 million merchants selling cheap products in the China wholesale markets.

How to marketing in China?

Branding Agency in China

Branding Agency in China

Branding your agency in China, can quickly open the Chinese market business in China, start marketing products for China.

E-Marketing in China

E-Marketing in China

Online sales are very popular in China, including Jingdong, Taobao, WeChat, Fighting, Suning, Gome, Weibo and Douyin

Social Media in China

Social Media in China

Social media marketing in China is a new concept of marketing that uses fans and traffic to achieve marketing goals.

China wholesale markets

China Wholesale Markets

Wholesale market is the original trading model, but it still cannot be abandoned, it will certainly be replaced by Internet.

Seller story: Right choice in a successful business

Japan cosmetic

Japan cosmetic

Japan online sale said:

E-commerce platform allows me to have a bigger and simpler Chinese market, Chinese people prefer Japanese products, do business in China is right.

German machinery

German machinery

Auto parts seller said:

China is demand for auto parts is large, China wholesale markets is selling imported machinery, so for the sale, I understand how to marketing in China.

Thai rice

Thai rice

Thai rice growers said:

Making brand of rice, use WLENGO online platform to find partners in China, with higher price sell to China.

Brazilian beef

Brazilian beef

Brazilian farmer said:

Our beef has been export to China through E-commerce platform and know how to do business in China.

What Chinese Buyers Say?

China Wholesale Clothing

China Wholesale Clothing:

I work in cross-border E-commerce, it is very troublesome to find the source of goods, and also have language barrier.
When the WLENGO online platform appeared, I could search for products in the global wholesale market in Chinese, and I could sign up as an exclusive brand agent. Wlengo let Export products to China become efficient and simple.

Overseas Purchasing Agents

Overseas Purchasing Agents:

Chinese people like to shop abroad, but they have a hard time knowing how to buy. I am a purchasing agent, through the Wlengo online shopping platform, can find any products, such as handbags, watches, necklaces, earrings, ring, perfume.
Because foreign sellers will sell products to China on Wlengo online, let the people in need to search for it.

Investment Plan


The trillion dollar consumer market opportunity has emerged, Not lost! Join us and make money from Chinese market.

Online store opening

Open account - Fill in the information - Annual fee (Now free) - Publishing products and brands - Opening of the store. Only need 5 steps, you can sell products to china with E-Commerce shop.

Help you be powerful

WLENGO University and Marketing Services will help sellers better manage and grow, Let you be a shining star in China and the world.

Parcel delivery

By EMS, e-mail, DHL, TNT, UPS, or other cross-border logistics, Arrives within 3-15 days of the world. The speed is fast, unprecedented.

Reaching a brand agent

Brand agency is a special service of WLENGO. Promoting brands of world to enter the Chinese market also leads brands of China into the world.

Achievement and Honor

World brands and world manufacturing entering the Chinese market will surely shine the world stage. The World business wonder be created by you and WLENGO.

WLENGO's Historical Mission

WLENGO will do marketing China, Let the people of the world share Chinese wealth.

We are on the contrary path to ALIBABA, ALIBABA wants to sell China's products to the world, Let the Chinese earn the wealth from the people of the world,

WLENGO is to introduce global brands and goods into the Chinese market, and sell products to China, Let the people of the world prosper with China's economic development.

Our business scope: Exporting to China, Online Shopping, Brand Creation, Branding Agency, Marketing in China, Tech Transfer, Currency Conversion, Marketing Education.

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